Garden Accessories

We are delighted to offer our customers a great selection of garden accessories and supplements.

We  offer quality glazed ceramic pots. These pots, while not freeze proof, are thick-walled and durable and will bring years of beauty to your garden. We have a variety of colors and sizes and can help you create a custom pot display for any space.  In addition to our ceramic pots, we offer weather resistant resin pots and containers.  Bowls, dishes and standard pots, many sizes, in a variety of colors and sizes are available at New Leaf.

We proudly carry Daddy Pete’s Plant Pleaser. Mushroom, Chicken & Cow Compost, Professional Landscape Mix, Perennial Pleaser, Nursery Blend & Shredded Hardwood Mulch are all available in bags at the garden market. Daddy Pete’s is made right here in North Carolina and has a great reputation for providing top quality compost, soil amendment and potting mix.  We offer a quantity discount on all Daddy Pete’s products when you buy 10 or more bags.

We now carry Fox Farm & Happy Frog Organic Fertilizers and Soils.

New Leaf Garden Market also offers a great selection of Mud Gloves, practical gardening tools and plant health/support products.